It feels like most redditors are “that guy” from school who would constantly think themselves smarter than the teacher and constantly argue over the smallest things. It’s the same kind of goal post moving in every discussion you see on this site. It’s a race to the bottom of diluting down the point until you can find one little nuance that proves “your side” correct and then retroactively use that to justify yourself being smarter than the other person in general.

Nothing really prompting this or having a specific example, just something I’ve noticed more and more lately. I’ve been trying to admit being wrong more these days, it’s an actually pretty refreshing thing to end an argument right away by going, “Oh shit, I hadn’t thought of it like that.” What’s odd though is sometimes you’ll do that and the person on the other side of the screen is so damaged from years of ‘internet debates’ they just…keep arguing and berating you, trying to goad it on.

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