There’s no shortage of wireless earphones to choose from these days, but if you’re on a tight budget, the pickings are rather slim. Thankfully, Mpow has you covered with a pretty decent pair that costs just $50, with all the usual features and commendable performance.

At this price, you’d expect compromises in every department, but after using them for a couple of weeks, I’m happy to report that the M5 earbuds aren’t a constant reminder that you didn’t spend a whole lot of money on them. Here’s a closer look at these value-for-money earphones.

Design and features

The M5 buds don’t look particularly remarkable, but that might actually be a good thing for folks who just want a discreet pair of earphones that don’t draw attention to themselves. The buds are exceptionally light, and comfortable enough to wear for hours at a stretch. They also stay put in your ears, provided you use the right size of eartips that fit you well.

Mpow's M5 earbuds are ultra-light and comfortable, and the case is compact too
Credit: Abhimanyu Ghoshal