Ok so I saw one of those “proposing in public gone wrong” video where the guy brought a whole team of dancers in a mall and blasted music there in order to propose to his partner. She said no, and people called her an asshole.

So all this made me think: no matter how much you LOVE your partner, I would never feel bad for someone using “peer pressure” to get a “yes” but end up getting a public NO instead. I mean whos truly the asshole here? The person embarassing their partner peer pressuring them to say yes or the person that refuses despite it being a difficult decision to make in that situation? I mean how can someone propose to their partner without even discussing it first? And then they have the nerves to call the other person an asshole for refusing. If they refused, they were in their right to!

Now if someone wants to make it public and stuff but they have already discussed it privately and theyre both agreeing (whoch means he or she is sure of his shot, then do it). But don’t come over crying when you didnt even ask them privately if they were even down to the idea or not. I feel like this is becoming so popular and it frustrates me to see how all the blame always goes to the person that says no.

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