This has happened two times now….I’m swiping around on a dating app, match with someone, chat, set up a date, etc. Only to meet them in person and discover they have a significant physical disability (cerebral palsy, birth/growth defects, damage from stroke, etc)

In both of these situations, their dating profiles gave no clues that they were disabled. They angled their pictures a certain way to hide the disability or cropped things out.

Personally, I know that I do not want to date someone with a physical disability. Not everyone will share that opinion but it’s a dealbreaker for me when looking for a potential partner.

I was never rude to these dates nor did I point out their disabilities, but if you have one I don’t believe you should hide it on your dating profile. I know that the disability does not define the person whatsoever, but I still think it’s dishonest.

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