I was at a game night the other day and a friend of mine had brought over her new girlfriend. We were playing a D&D style RPG my friend made, and in one part of the game we were talking to a miner and had to interrogate him. I made the comment we should “insult his manhood”, and my friends girlfriend has to butt into the conversation with “well women can be miners too” and says it in this way like she thinks she teaching me something. That bullshit had *nothing* to do with anything. To think you have the right to be so condescending because you perceive yourself to have some moral high ground is just so gross and rude. On the most basic level it is infantilizing and insulting, but for whatever reason I’m supposed to tolerate something that is blatant insult to my intelligence?

It’s just flat out rude to address someone in this way. And the thing is, that comment came out like some kind of innate reaction, like the word “manhood” was just so goddamn triggering for her that she couldn’t help but say something. I’ve noticed hearing comments like these in TV, podcasts, and movies. It’s interrupting the conversation, then being condescending to another person, how is this acceptable behavior? It’s like people get all offended by mansplaining stuff, but this shit is the same fucking thing except it’s worse because it usually has nothing to do with anything other than to make that person feel morally superior.

We honestly shouldn’t be accepting this kind of behavior. I didn’t even acknowledge the comment when she said it, but it stuck in my craw and I just wanted to see if other people had experienced similar stuff and how you deal with rude behavior like this.

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