My wife (stay at home mom of one) and I (medical field) live a simple life, we have one car, bought a house only using half of the loan money afforded to us, and don’t wear branded clothing.

We are considering having a second child, but pampers, baby food, food in general, etc are all very expensive and we have to budget since we only have one income coming in. We have decided to wait awhile longer to allow for us to pay off a credit account and some medical bills from the birth of our first child.

We know several people both friends and family who have multiple kids, two of which who have newborns making the new baby the 4th child for each of them. When we express our desire to have another child to some of them who don’t know that I’m in the medical field and/or that we are married always give my wife the ad ice to get on Medicaid so that state will give us aid with healthcare, apply for EBT, and public housing, and are shocked when she says that we can’t because of my income and are even more shocked when we tell them about my high deductible insurance that left us paying a total of 10k in medical bills after the birth of our child.

It’s not fair that we have to save, budget, be responsible while some people continue to have kids after realizing that they cannot afford to take care of the first one without assistance from the government. It’s even worse that some people forgo getting married so that they can keep benefits, or don’t report all of their income.

The limit on assistance for a child should be for the first child only, additional assistance should not be given for each subsequent child without limit.

A family member has 9 kids and she has an active goal to have 10 total, while she only works part time at a corner store. Not fair!

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