anyone who works hard towards anything should feel proud.
if an artist spent a year working on a painting, or on a sculpture would you tell them not be proud of their work?
if a person practiced for a sport everyday for years, and made their school team, should they not feel proud?
if a person spent countless hours studying and working hard, to get accepted into a great college, should they not feel proud? or the person who got a job offer that are now celebrating

staying in shape, is hard work. not everybody has the desire to look a certain way, but why shame somebody who does. the person who posted a gym pic likely put in 100s of hours of hard work to obtain what they posted. are they insecure? sure, some can be. arent’ many of us? about something. while I don’t think its healthy to obsess over ones own looks, and require the validation of others, I also don’t think its wrong to feel proud over hard work. people who shame them are likely jealous. but why make somebody feel shitty for trying to feel happy about the hard work they put in.

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