People on Reddit seem to have this entire “children suck and if you have children you suck” attitude. It’s annoying because a ton of people don’t have any sympathy for parents struggling with children. Like, if a parent asks you if their child can take there seat, Reddit seems to think that it’s an unreasonable demand and that the person asking is super entitled. Obviously if you payed for the seat that’s different, but Reddit thinks that any parent who asks for anything is entitled.

Edit: I want to make it clear that I don’t see asking for something as entitled. It is entitled if you are being rude and keep pestering the person or demanding stuff.

Also I don’t think it’s annoying if you don’t want kids. That’s fine. But it is annoying when people on Reddit just hate children for being dumb (as if they weren’t a dumb child at one point) and mocking stuff they like.

Edit 2: I’m talking about hating the child, not the parents.

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