There is absolutely nothing more insufferable/miserable than when I see an interaction like this happen on Reddit.

Person 1: Posts question/response.

Person 2: ****WOW!**** Look at this guy who said opinion X on subreddit Y!!!! Don’t take him seriously. Not worth our time.

Even if Person 1 really has posted something awful on a shady subreddit, Person 2 will ALWAYS be more pathetic than Person 1 for attacking their character or opinion on a separate thread instead of trying to directly address the claim made in their argument.

Not only this, but I also notice that whenever something like this is done, the Person 2 always goes to downvote every recent post/comment that Person 1 has made. Person 2 is legitimately just a toxic human being who hates that someone holds an opinion she/he disagrees with. Even if they don’t do this personally, the fact that they have doxxed Person 1’s post history attracts others to read it and downvote it too.

I’m not someone who uses Reddit a lot, and I don’t have a controversial post history myself. I’ve never even had this criticism ever thrown at me, in fact. But people like Person 2 are just so cringeworthy and sad. We need to take away the tool that they use to bully and harass people. They can leave their post history on all they want, but I should have the right to deprive them of stalking me. That should be my basic right.

I realize many of you will view this as a political issue, as social outrage tends to be used disproportionately to harass those right of center, but I seriously believe a privacy system like this would make us ALL better off, regardless of political ideology.

Just deal with people on the content of their current thread and ideas, stop trying to dig up the past and dox them. it’s pathetic. This would make everyone behave in a more civil/intellectual way, and make Reddit a better place for *everyone*.

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