I know, it sounds pretty stupid but hear me out for a second. Obviously this would effectively be the opposite of “Best” or maybe more closely “Top”; the differences are there, but kind of subtle. Generally, there’s some genuinely interesting comments that basically get lost in the void due to being nuked by downvotes.

There’s “controversial” of course, but those are usually comments that actually make it pretty far up in the thread and are something you’d probably stumble on anyway. The posts I’m talking about are the ones that get absolutely slammed with downvotes and are usually “minimized” off the thread. And it’s kind of a shame when it’s something that someone genuinely put effort into and would obviously discuss given the chance. I know that indeed there are plenty of just simply stupid joke comments or something of the like that ends up in the bottom of the bin too but I think really having that option to sort it by the most downvoted at the top would actually make the site a fair bit more interesting.

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