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Ryan’s Shed Plans Review 2021

Our Verdict

Ryan’s Shed Plans is a compilation of over 12,000 shed and outdoor building plans. Never waste time again surfing for plans that are incomplete or poorly written.


  • Beginner-friendly instructions and resources.

  • Exact material and cut lists.

  • Four bonus e-books with valuable woodworking information.

  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Each project must be downloaded which can be time-consuming.

  • Disk copies of the program must be purchased separately.

Have you struggled to follow woodworking plans before? Have you shied away from attempting to DIY an outbuilding because of a lack of skills? 

Are you running out of space in your home and need a detached office or she-shed for your hobbies?

Do you want an outbuilding or shed that matches the look of your house? Are you bored with the run-of-the-mill shed plans available from most companies?

Ryan’s Shed Plans offers not only one of the largest collections of shed plans on the internet but the instructions and support to make your DIY project a success.

This Ryan’s Shed Plans review will give you the answers you need to decide if building a shed is right for you, and why you should choose My Shed Plans to get the job done right.

What is Ryan’s Shed Plans?

Ryan Shed Plans Review

Ryan’s Shed Plans is a comprehensive collection of over 12,000 shed, garage, and outbuilding plans. There is a wide range of sizes — from small storage sheds to large workshops — included.

Each plan features complete material and cutting lists, a list of all the tools required, and detailed instructions.

These plans are designed to be as easy as “Lego” and are suitable for a complete beginner.

Who is Ryan Anderson?

Ryan Henderson, the creator of My Shed Plans, is an experienced woodworker who has helped over 4000 people build the DIY shed of their dreams.

Ryan’s journey into shed plans started when he tried to build his own shed, and quickly became frustrated. Realizing there was a need in the market for clear, complete, and easy to follow instructions, Ryan created Ryan’s Shed Plans.

Ryan uses his years of woodworking experience to make you feel like a master builder in no time.

What’s All Included

To start, you get instant downloadable access to over 12,000 shed plans. There are plans in many styles to complement the surrounding buildings. They come in almost any size and are suitable for a variety of purposes.

Every plan has complete materials and cutting lists, so you save time running back to the lumber yard and hardware store.

Material lists also tell you what each piece is used for so you can organize your workspace. The site also includes the tools needed to complete your building project. 

Carefully written instructions explain every step of the process, almost like children’s snap-together building toys.

There are detailed illustrations of all angles and elevations, including 3D renderings of each side. Plans feature CAD designed drawings, which are more precise than hand-drawn renderings.

Along with the plans, four bonus e-books are included to increase your DIY woodworking knowledge.

These feature woodworking tips, instructions for modifying the shed plans, a list of suppliers, and 400 additional woodworking plans of all kinds.

How Much Does it Cost?

For a limited time, Ryan’s Shed Plans plus the bonus materials are just $37. This is a savings of $260 of the price of the 12,000 plans alone.

The four free e-books are valued at $340, bringing your total savings to $600.

A one-time payment of $37 gets you instant access to all the downloads.


Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Ryan’s Shed Plans.

Is Ryan’s Shed Plans Really Worth It?

Yes, if you have struggled to build a shed before with poor or just plain wrong directions. Yes, if you have put off attempting to craft your own shed for lack of skills.

Yes, if you don’t like the boxy, cookie-cutter design of most shed plans.

How Long Does It Take To Build My Shed?

Of course, this will depend on the project’s size and how much time you have to spend on building each day.

According to the website, the sheds can be built in a day by an experienced woodworker, or 3-5 days by a beginner.

Is It Only A One-Time Cost, or Will I Be Charged Again?

The entire program discussed above is a one time charge with no hidden fees. There is the option to buy other products, but you will only be charged once for the shed plans themselves.

Do They Offer Refunds or Product Guarantees?

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee. This is a no-risk, no-questions-asked guarantee.

Simply contact My Shed Plans customer service within the timeframe to receive your full refund. 

Who Should Buy Ryan’s Shed Plans?

Do you want a beautiful, well-built shed for your yard, but don’t have the thousands of dollars to buy a pre-built one? 

Have you tried other plans before, but got lost or stuck partway through and were unable to finish?

Are you looking for that just-right plan to construct the shed or outbuilding of your dreams?

Ryan’s Shed Plans truly has something for every DIY’er. My Shed Plans are written for someone with little to no experience to understand and use successfully. 

Each plan takes you through the construction process step by step — no more guessing what next step to take.

Is this only for beginners? No!

These are not your average, boring sheds. There are beautiful plans included that even the most experienced woodworker would be proud to have in their yard or garden.

Multiple styles of walls and roofs allow you to get just the look you want.

Final Verdict

Ryan’s Shed Plans provides the complete package for anyone looking to build a quality, beautiful shed on their property. 

They are detailed enough for the beginner to feel confident and comprehensive enough for the experienced woodworker to find the perfect project.

This site provides enough projects to keep you busy for years. Whatever your needs, there is a plan to satisfy them.

Just imagine what you could build this weekend. Buy Ryan’s Shed Plans and find out for yourself.

Ryans Shed Plans

A compilation of over 12,000 shed and outdoor building plans. Never waste time again surfing for plans that are incomplete or poorly written.

Ryan’s Shed Plans vs. Alternatives

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Ryan's Shed Plans
Ryan Shed Plans

A compilation of over 12,000 shed and outdoor building plans. Never waste time again surfing for plans that are incomplete or poorly written.

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