Same thing goes for trans men.

It is not transphobic if people define a ‘woman’ or ‘real woman’ as someone who is biologically female. Using the word ‘real’ does not erase the existence of trans women or imply that someone is of less worth if they were not born with female genitalia.

It is not transphobic to believe that trans women and women are not the same. Believing they are not the same does not mean someone thinks one is better or worse than the other.

Another person may define being a ‘woman’ as something completely different and that’s fine too.

Trans women calling themselves real women and labelling anyone who says otherwise as transphobic are not doing any favours to their cause. It erases their experience of being trans. It also erases the experiences of people who identity as their biological sex since birth and the consequences they have faced due to societal pressures concerning gender.

Be proud of being trans.

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