This is coming from the perspective of a 16 year old so don’t expect anything smart.

There are so many shows that claim to show how a life of a teenager goes on the daily basis, add in the whole “there is a problem and we need to fix it thing” and you have a Netflix original.

Now the problem is, they rarely cast actual teenagers to do the part, they always hire attractive, famous and older actors.

I see why they would do that, I mean the show has got to get some money right? But there are so many talented age-fitting actors. I mean just look at “Stranger things”. It is a great and successful show and most of the main characters’ actors are 15-16.

The reason why shows should stop hiring older actors for teenage roles is because the audience will mostly be teenagers. Hell, audiences of all shows are teenagers. I’m not saying it is good a good thing, nor what the producers wanted or what the age restrictions say, but it is the truth.

When the audience of a show that focuses on teenagers, cast older/attractive actors. The audience, whom are mostly teenagers, will feel anxious…I mean who the hell looks good when they are in their puberty. I know some luck out, but most teenagers are still developing and their bodies look weird. So upon seeing these shows who claim to be representing teenagers, the audience will feel less about themselves, which isn’t good for teenagers because it reflects bad on their life since they are already moody/anxious/have low self-esteem most of the time.

Because of all of these bad effects, the audience will tend to grow out of the show, leading it to being less famous or even being cancelled.

That is just my unpopular opinion, tell me what you guys think.

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