People get so fucking pissed off in video games, particularly war games, when a sniper exists in any form. They always say shit like “fucking camper” or “sniper” said in a shitty tone.

The games were literally made to simulate warfare in an entertaining way. Snipers are part of warfare. The developers would not have included rifles with fucking scopes if it wasn’t a part of the game. Snipers exist in real life, and yeah they suck.

Just be honest with yourself. If you’re playing a video game and get so goddamn mad that you are sniped that you for real get super mad, then maybe YOU DONT LIKE THE GAME. Because that is the game as its intended.

Now that that’s been said, you don’t have to like ALL of something to like something. You just dont like snipers, I get it. But folks hunkering down somewhere hidden and taking potshots at unaware people have been pretty normal parts of warfare since ranged weaponry was invented. Snipers are notoriously hard to locate and kill, which is probably why people like to play them. Just play the way you want to play, and let others play the way they want to. It is after all, just a game.

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