For reference this post is from another person from another sub, I asked to post what they wrote here because i felt like it belonged here and I agreed. She allowed me so just to let everyone know this isn’t my statement, proceed:

“It’s just corny, and most of the things that people claim America is doing wrong and makes the US worse than other places is either not true or something that other countries they claim are better do as well. I just find it so funny because most of the people who talk shit are Western Europeans and Canadians (others too, but those are the most I’m seeing) who don’t realize how shitty their countries are in various ways. I take interest in national affairs and plan to study abroad and major in political science in college and I can’t even count on both hands how many problems their countries have but yet…they’re talking abut the USA?

Look, I’m totally cool with people criticizing the acts of other countries governments, it’s their opinion, it’s their right and I wholeheartedly believe they have the right to express it in my mind there’s a difference between criticism and straight up hatred. The amount of people on Reddit alone who openly say they hate Americans just for being American is ridiculous and the lack of push back they get is also ridiculous. Imagine if an American said they collectively hated an entire nationality on Reddit? Hell would break lose.

Y’all can cry about it but the US has and will continue to do great things, Americans aren’t monsters, our government doesn’t represent us, and you being from another country doesn’t make you more cultured or intelligent. Thank you.”

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