While I have to complete multiple degrees, pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition, get super high scores on English tests that even native speakers wouldn’t get, and get a government approved job among other things to even have a chance to merely get into the decade long process to become a permanent resident, illegals just walk right in without a care in the world. These are the most selfish people in the world. Then on top of that people who are natural born citizens think its so easy to become a citizen because that’s all they see on the news. When they don’t understand all the hard work, immigration uncertainty, and years if not decades of toiling away.

Honestly, I hope they build not only a wall but a moat around the entire border with alligators and have a border patrol agent stationed every 100 ft. They also need to do something about all those visa over-stayers, perhaps increase the number of ICE agents by 20 fold.

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