There’s such a disdain for those who don’t Google a subject before talking about it, or watch videos/read online articles to educate themselves, bit there’s NOTHING wrong with wanting to educate yourself via interaction, rather than solely with internet sourced and threads/forums/videos/articles/blogs etc.

One of the ways the internet has negatively changed society is that it has given those who LIKE to learn via the web a sense of superiority over those who either are less savvy, or refuse to use the internet to learn about subjects. This lack of interaction isn’t just making people less socially capable, it is also creating an environment where those who don’t enjoy learning this way, or have a hard time doing so, looked down upon.

I was born in the 90s and STILL have a difficult time talking to people about subjects without being met with some iteration of “just Google it.” It’s frustrating because part of the joy of learning for me is the human interaction, hearing someone’s thoughts and feelings on a subject and being able to actively discuss and take part in the learning process. Learning at a distance makes information difficult to retain, but is now being seen as a social requirement.

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