I recently just saw a post about how this guy hates the way waitresses and clerks force themselves to laugh and be enthusiastic so I am making this post. I visited America this Summer. I come from Slovenia and I live in London and the system is very different here. I was ordering some food and as I finished my meal, I asked for the bill. On the card reader, there were three tipping options (Small tip, medium tip and large tip). I decided not to tip the waitress because I already did that twice the very same day. I clicked cancel and I saw the waitress frown for a split second. First she was super enthusiastic, sociable and kind and then, she was just super serious and grim and left. I hate the idea of tipping because the waitresses always try to seem super nice and try to squeeze the money out of your wallet. Its very ungenuine and it makes me feel uncomfortable and frustrated that someone is doing this just to earn some extra money. I understand that in America, waitresses earn a significant less amount compared to here in Europe and that they do rely on tips. But seriously, it’s just super awkward.

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