To me, this is one of the grossest accepted things in society right now. I get that sometimes 2 people are drunk and end up having sex and whatnot, but seeking that out is disgusting. I feel like it is a common thing in college to have guys talk about going to parties because there will be a lot of drunk chicks there. Too many college frats invite girls in and then have guys hovering around them trying to make them drink and then corral them back to their room when theyre too drunk to know better. To me this mindset translates into “Hey man, there are a lot of easily rapable girls and we will have plausible deniability!” Same with bars. Meeting people at parties and bars is one thing, but going to bars to find a drunk girl to have sex with is way too common and gross. This to me is one of the cores of a lot of rape in this country. Guys think this is acceptable and it absolutely is not.

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