Of course everyone is free to do whatever makes them feel beautiful, but it is unhealthy for your skin to be covered up everyday even if you remove it every night. It is likely to cause dryness, wrinkles and more skin problems in the long term. I see that majority of women wear makeup everyday and almost no man does and there is a clear distinction between sexes. Cosmetic industry is constantly manipulating us into thinking that you have to uphold an artificial standard of beauty and I see so many women hiding behind their makeup starting at an early age, even to the point that they refuse to be seen without their makeup.

Social media is filled with tutorials of influencers applying layers and layers of makeup and some of them are literally kids. I believe ditching makeup can be a freeing experience for women and being comfortable in your own skin should be encouraged. Women going through painstaking process to be beautiful is a product of society valuing women primarily on their attractiveness.

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