Before any of you start assuming, I am a woman and I see nothing wrong with men leaving the seat up after using the bathroom. There isn’t really much I can say on this issue so I will just state my reasonings and be done with it.

1) It takes less than a second to put the seat down

2) Consideration work both ways, I don’t see you putting the seat up for him after you’re done using it

3) Getting upset over something so trivial, seems like a waste of time. I mean really, how long does it take just to a lid down.

4) If anything, I would ask to put the seat down during the early morning (think 2am or something) Just cause she could be disoriented and not really paying attention, and falling in could cause a scare

Going back to number, if you are so willing to let some as much as the toilet seat being up then I cringe to think about what other things you let get you upset. Yes I do understand that even during working day hours you may not be paying attention and fall in. Its annoying, and is tempting to upset with him for not putting the seat down. But come on, its nothing to be enraged about. And I bet some of you aren’t even really mad about it. Its just a known thing that society has been talking about for a long time so you grew up with it and it is now engraved in your brain to think its a big deal.

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