Don’t know what it is but mechanical pencils have never clicked for me even though pretty much everyone at my school uses them. For me, they seem really tedious because instead of just sharpening your pencil, you have to very carefully load up the mechanical pencil with these super thin pieces of graphite that are a nightmare to pick up if you drop them. Also, I tend to apply a lot of pressure when I write and it’s pretty much inevitable that if I use a mechanical pencil, I’m going to break the lead unlike with wooden pencils that are more sturdy. Also, the eraser ends tend to be on the button you use to push out the lead so if you wanna erase, you end up pushing out the lead and having to push it back inside. So yeah, mechanical pencils are more annoying than convenient for me and I’ll probably stick to wooden pencils for as long as I’m in school.

(I will say though, mechanical pencils are less wasteful considering you don’t have to throw them away after using up the lead but that’s probably all I’ll concede.)

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