I’m sure many guys in here will relate, having male guidance growing up is a must. Men just don’t have the same experiences as women in life and vice versa. How you actually FEEL as a man growing up is only understood by men. Learning how to act as a man by guidance and example from other men is necessary to become a functioning male. Women don’t teach you how to not come off as overenthusiastic towards the people you like, how to approach women, how to act in society. Not to mention puberty. Only other men understand how much that testosterone makes your brain go wonky in adjusting.

This is not to say men can’t learn a lot from the women in their lives, there are just vital things that only other men can relate to. The confidence in feeling comfortable in failing to grow stronger, I’ve found, only comes from that intrinsic testosterone pride most men have. And controlling that can only be taught by other men.

Edit for clarity: To address something I’ve seen a lot in the comments, having quality male and female role models growing up are both important. If all the male figures are complete shit, a boy is probably better off without them. And there are exceptions to every rule, some women are able to fill that role in a boy’s life, but it’s exponentially harder. I’ve also seen a lot of people saying other men only teach macho mentality… That’s wrong on so many levels and completely dismisses the positive role men can play in both young boys, and girls lives. Also, LGBT parents seem to be darn good according to studies, but I still believe having a male figure in a boy’s life is necessary. I didn’t specify the man needs to be a parent for a reason.

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